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The INTEGRAL HOCKEY WINNIPEG location is locally owned and operated by John Rempel.

Most Integral Hockey owners are coaches, hockey lovers, and parents that have their sons and daughters playing in your minor hockey association.  These owners are operating their businesses out of their homes. They offer a personalized service to the local hockey community through their passion for the sport and willingness to help save all hockey players and other parents a tremendous amount of money each season.

If you find yourself holding your favorite hockey stick in two pieces, don’t worry, as Integral Hockey covers full shaft and blade breaks easily. Their repair service costs 80% less than buying a new stick and comes with a Lifetime Warranty at the repair zone, all without any additional charges.

For repair inquiries, please:

  1. Provide your contact information as well as a photo of the broken stick to your closest Integral Hockey location.
  2. Arrange to drop the stick off
  3. Allow four days for the repair process
  4. Arrange to pick up the stick

Our locations across Canada and United States have access to many hockey teams that break hundreds of sticks each season. These teams would rather see the high-end pro stock sticks repaired and put back on the ice instead of the landfill.

Your local Integral Hockey has these high-end, pro stock sticks for sale at 70% off the retail price, if you could even find these sticks in stores.

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